Does a Lump on a Testicle Always Mean Cancer?

Testicular lumps do not always mean you have cancer. There are a number of causes of ‘lumps’ in the scrotum like hydrocele and sometimes the blood vessels moving to the scrotum can become inflamed leading to a varicocele.


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Where on the testicle would a lump be for cancer?

Testicular cancer is felt as a hard lump or small ball along the…more

How large would a cancerous lump be on a testicle?

A cancerous lump in either testicle can be pea-sized, but…more

What if a testicle lump hurts can it still be cancer

Yes it could still be cancer, but is more likely to be an Infection of the scrotal sac, or possibly mumps…more

What other than cancer can cause a pea sized lump on the testicle not the scrotum.?

Infections or cysts. See a doctor for any lumps on your testicles. Don’t try and diagnose it yourself. Don’t be embarrassed either. The doctor has seen everything. Go to a doctor …more

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