Does Ambien Show up in a Drug Test?

Ambien does not show up on most common drug tests. Ambien is a legal sleep aid and is not something commonly looked for as an illicit drug.


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How long will Ambien show up in a drug test?

As with any perscritpion medication, when taken as directed it will not show up in a drug test. There is not enough opiod in them. Most drugs stay in your system and are detectable …more

What does ambien show as on drug test?

Yes, ambien will show up in a drug screen. Ambien is a narcotic sleep aide….more

What does ambien show up on a drug test?

Nothing. It’s not a "Narcotic"….more

How long will it take for ambien not to show up in drug test?

Traditional drug tests won’t be looking for ambien or any other sleeping pills….more

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