Does a Temperature Below 98.6 Mean I Am Sick?

The normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. However, being below 98.6 degrees does not mean you are sick as it varies from one person to another. It can change due to your age, change in environment, change in diet and medication. Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic What does it […]

Does a Tonsillectomy Hurt?

A tonsillectomy may hurt if it is performed when you are not under any form of anaesthesia. Tonsillectomies will typically be done if the tonsils are repeatedly or always infected or they get so large that they interfere with breathing. Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic Why might my ears […]

Does Aspirin Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Asprin can help you lower your blood pressure. In fact research done in Spain has shown taking aspirin at night could help lower your blood pressure more than taking it in the morning. Source: Photo Credit link More info about this topic How to Lower Blood Pressure? To lower blood pressure, reduce the amount […]

Does a Stretch Sweep Induce Labour?

A stretch and sweep, which is also known as a sweeping membrane, has been shown to be particularly effective as a means of inducing labour. This, however, should be done to women who are at term and who have no other known complications such as placenta praevia. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info […]

Does Aspirin Lower Blood Pressure?

Studies have shown that taking of a daily nightly dosage of aspirin can lower high blood pressure. The aspirin slows the production of hormones and other substances responsible for blood clotting. The reason why it should be taken at night is because this is the time when the body is at rest and most of […]

Does asprin have a negative side effect?

Aspirin has negative side effects that include irritation of the stomach, indigestion and nausea. Some of the less common side effects include allergic reactions, vomiting and bleeding in the stomach. Please seek medical attention if you experience any adverse side effects while using it. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic […]

Does a Spider Have a Skeleton?

A spider’s has a skeleton, which is called external exoskeleton that offers support for the animal contents and muscles, and protection against water loss. The exoskeleton always remains the same size as the spider continues to grow; therefore, spiders moult to grow. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic How do […]

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Burn Fat?

There is scientific evidence that supports the claims that apple cider vinegar burns fat. Apple cider vinegar has a component called pectin that can help you suppress your hunger hence reduce your food intake. It is also believed it boost body metabolism hence allowing you to burn fat. Source: Photo Credit image link More […]

Does Aspartame Have Any Dangerous Side Effects?

Aspartame is an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener that is used as sugar substitute in some foods and beverages. The sweetener has a number of dangerous side effects which include headaches, dizziness, vision problems, memory loss and difficulty in breathing. Other effects are fatigue, diarrhoea, change in heart rate and rashes. Source: Photo Credit image link […]

Does Anyone do a Program for Staff Rotas?

Easy log is one of the places where you can find staff rota programs. For instance, they have the e-Log+S scheduling system which can help one to create a rota. There are also web-based software such as ‘theRota’ which have similar functions. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic how to […]