Does a Posted Speed Limit of 55 MPH Mean That You May Drive 55 MPH?

Yes, a posted speed limit of 55 MPH means that you may drive up to 55 MPH. The posted speed limit gives the police the right to write you a speeding ticket if you drive in excess of 55 MPH in that posted zone. You may drive slower should you choose to but driving too slow in a posted 55 MPH zone can also be dangerous as people expect the roadway to be moving at about that speed.


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What does a posted speed limit of 55mph mean?

Indicates the maximum speeds permitted on the roadway for day-time and nighttime….

What does the posted speed limit of 55 mph mean?

It means that there is a maximum speed of 55 and you are not allowed to pass it, if done so you may be fined or taken to court…. more

Why are the speed limits for vehicles towing trailers in California only 55 mph?

In California, the maximum speed limit on any roadway when it is not posted is 55 miles per hour. There are certain areas that are defined in the vehicle code as having a specific … more

What is the minimum speed limit in a 55mph zone?

The minimum speed limit in a 55 mph zone is 45 mph. Anything under that could cause and accident…. more

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