Does a Person Pay Taxes on Settlement Money?

Paying taxes on a settlement depends on what the settlement was for. If it was a medical settlement the in most cases you do not have to pay. There are some incidences where you do pay. most other settlements do have a tax on them. Speak to a lawyer to see if your concern is taxable.


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Generally, this type of settlement will be taxed if you took a deduction on medical expenses in your past tax returns. Based on logic, most people would take the deduction after suffering… more

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1. Review the exceptions and exclusions listed in IRS Publication 4681 (see Resources) to determine if your debt is taxable. 2. Enter all of your outstanding loans, credit card debts… more

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1. Use your credit cards. State and federal governments accept tax payments by credit card. Check the IRS website or your state Department of Revenue website for directions on how… more

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