Does a Stretch Sweep Induce Labour?

A stretch and sweep, which is also known as a sweeping membrane, has been shown to be particularly effective as a means of inducing labour. This, however, should be done to women who are at term and who have no other known complications such as placenta praevia.


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How effective is a membrane sweep to induce labour?

Didn’t do squat for me, All it did was give me cramps. Good luck though, You may have more luck than me.. :)…

weeks pregnant,sweep was painful,how painful is induced labour?

Induced labour can be done in a few ways – repeated membrane sweeps, a prostoglandin (hormone) tablet can be inserted to ripen your cervix, you can be administered syntocinon (stimulates…

How long after having a stretch and sweep do you go into labour?

i was 2 cm for a looong time. about 2 weeks. assuming that the stretch and sweep is the procedure they use to loosen the bag of waters from the wall, it only took me the next day….

How long after a stretch and sweep do u go into labour?

Depends how far along you are and if your body and baby are ready. I had successful sweeps with both my pregnancies and went into labor 6 hours later after each. Bearing in mind that…

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