Does a Temperature Below 98.6 Mean I Am Sick?

The normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. However, being below 98.6 degrees does not mean you are sick as it varies from one person to another. It can change due to your age, change in environment, change in diet and medication.


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What does it mean if your body temperature below 98.6?

Nothing- unless it’s quite a bit lower and you are ill…. more

What does it mean to have a temperature below 98.6?

The temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is 37 degrees Celsius. This is considered a normal body temperature. Having a slightly lower temperature is not uncommon or dangerous…. more

What does a temperature below 98.6 mean?

98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal body temperature for a human so if your body temperature is under 98.6 the consequences could be severe or possibly fatal…

what if your body temperature is below 98.6?

Just because your body temperature is below…

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