Does a Receding Hairline Mean You Are Going Bald?

A receding hairline is a reliable sign that you are growing bald. The most general sort of baldness is Androgenetic alopecia otherwise known as male pattern baldness. Usually, the hair becomes finer at the front of the head and is then gradually lost.

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what do girls really think of guys with receding hairlines (going bald?

It doesn’t really bother me. I’m not dating someone for their hair, I’m dating them, the man. :D…. more

How long can you have a receding hairline and never go bald?

Depends upon the person, my Dad went five years, but his was extreme….

How to stop balding or receding hairline?

Try Rogaine…. more

what is worse: crown balding, or a receding hairline?

Receding hairlines don’t look that bad. Honestly a lot of men have some sort of recession in their hairline. The bald spot in my opinion looks horrible. Plus once you get the bald… more

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