Does a Red Blood Cell Have a Nucleus?

All other cells do have nucleus apart from red blood cells. Without the large structure in the cell, red blood cell can carry additional oxygen. Since it does not contain the nucleus, it cannot reproduce and eventually dies.


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why do red blood cells have no nucleus?

The red blood cell has no nucleus because with out the nucleus it has more room for hemoglobin to carry as much oxygen as possible. The life span of a red blood cell is also very … more

Why is there no nucleus in red blood cell?

An RBC has no nucleus , because the nucleus is extruded from the cell as it matures… more

Which animal’s red blood cells has a nucleus?

camels have nucleus in their RBC’s….

Why nucleus is absent in red blood cell?

Nucleus is not present in rbc as rbc’s contain a red pigment called heamoglobin which hepls in the passage of oxygen throughout the body and does not need a nucleus…. more

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