Nothing there

I had an MRI of the brain last week. The radiologist could not find anything, ( OK, i am sure the brain was there somewhere, he just did not mention it!) he had to look at the previous scans to even find where the lesion had been. The Gamma-knife was successful! So my CT came back clean and the met in my brain had been eliminated, my prayers have been answered again. Dr. K says we won’t change the treatment we are doing. He assumes the cancer is not growing because of the chemo. So i will try not to get to attached to the eyebrows i started growing while in China.

About Jaden’s Room

Jaden and Mom spend lots of quality time together in Jaden’s new room. Grandma Johnson and her band of merry maidens redecorated this room while we were in China. There is a tree and lots of lady bugs and tons of wonderful details that make this a very special place for a very special girl.

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