Time Management from the Sunnah

Jazak’Allah for writing this! This is the problem that many, if not most, are facing today in the Ummah. It’s what I’m trying to tackle too, although I’ve been unsuccessful thus far. Amd I know wasting time, or rather, not managing it effectively, is a roadblock to so much good that can be achieved!

Do make dua for me, brother, that I can reorganize myself the way you did and make the utmost of the time I have been given as an Amanah!

@ Ameera, Jazakallahu khair, make Allah make it easy for you and the rest of us. Thanks for stopping by.

Very inspiring article brother! Unfortunately, I have periods of productivity but after a few days, I go back to my old lazy habits and routine. I’d love to wake up that early but I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything during the day and will probably be sleepy all day.
Looking forward to you follow-up article.

Ahmad, thanks for stopping by. Experts say it takes at lest 29 days for something to become a habit. I dont advise just deciding one day to wake up a 4:30 am. Here is how I did it. We all wake up for fajr, that is not negotiable. Well since I know that the time for fajr fluctuates, i.e. sometimes at 6am, 5:30 am etc. So I decided that I would wake up at 5:30am period. If fajr came in at 6:30, I had an hour of productivity before its time. I eventually cut my wake up time to 5am. After that 4:45am, then 4:30am. It became fun for me to see how much I could churn out of my body and how much more productive I could be in my day. The exercise helps a lot. Most days are better than others. I am usually not tired at all during the day, as I am too excited trying to accomplish my goals. Its all about the context you set for yourself. If you tell yourself that you are tired and need 8 hours of sleep daily, then your body will follow. I would also advice cutting the caffeine and doing exercise if you are not already. I will write an article about waking up early in the near future insha Allah. May Allah make it easy for you.

Since I met my ‘long-lost’ schoolfriend 8 months ago she has never failed to ring me for Fajr. This is because she has a similar routine to yourself. I am desperate to have SOME routine even if it is not as perfected yours or hers. Even getting up before 10am would be a blessing – Fajr is seeming a miracle. I don’t understand. I need radical change yet am finding it difficult to make small change. Please brother offer advice on health and time management. Du’aas please I desperately need routine and barakah in my time – I don’t know where to start. JazakAllaah khair.

how many hours of sleep do you have if I may ask?

@Shuhena, may Allah make it easy for you. Time management is an art. Highly successful people understand the importance of time. I usually sleep on average 6 hours per night. I wake up at the same time 7 days per week. Usually on weekend I will take a nap in the day. I make this a priority so I make sure that I schedule myself to take a nap on weekends. Thanks for stopping by.

Jzk. I don’t know where to start? All I see is a ginormous to-do list and not enough time to do it!?!

Tonight inshaAllaah I’m going to say Bismillaah and go to bed at 10.30pm and try to wake up at 4.30am. Whats the worst that can happen? 29 days u say? InshaAllaah, du’aas please – u have inspired me.

I have just re-read your post and think perhaps I should take it slowly and start to wake at 6am – current London Fajr time. Hmm…. tough huh?! Does one retain one habit for 29 days at least?

I mean say I started with 6am then with 5am etc…. do I do that after 29 day intervals? I don’t understand?

Also ‘Isha time fluctuates from early in the Winter – 6pm to quarter to 11pm in the Summer….

I honestly don’t know where to start. Perhaps I lack sincerity?

May Allaah reward you in your efforts and help you retain such goodness. I pray that I find it one day inshaAllaah, as my friend has not given up on me I hope that He subhanahu wa ta’ala does not also.

Alhamdulillaah got up at quarter to 6 and off about quarter to 11. Probably a one-off fluke. Though not everyday is the same – sometimes I do all-nighters for university. Sometimes I can’t sleep. I do feel really tired all day today. I still need to pray Isha and of course if I have not prayed I cannot sleep. Definitely time management is an art and perhaps I’m not holding the pen right….and even after accomplishing waking up early one day alhamdulillaah I find it difficult to be content? It feels hopeless….

wa hiyak. Stay tuned and insha Allah, I will give some practical how to tips. I will also give some recommended reading.

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